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COVID19 & Rugby

COVID19 has thrown the rugby season along with all other elemnets of normal life into disarray. 

Our committee are working to get our club facilities open safely and in accordance to all the new guidelines from NZ Rugby, COVID19 goverment task force and sportNZ, as well as Wellingtion city coiuncil.

Rules are ever changing so please before attending the WFC club facilities please check what the latest information is from the bodies setting the rules for us to follow.

Here are some useful links:

contact tracing

Our club will be using the ID.ME system through sporty. Please ensure you have this set up rady for when you attend any training, games or just to catch up with fellow cliub members. We will have a soft (paper) register for anyone who does not have a phone.

Isherwood Lounge

Currently we will limit to 100 people at anytime. Tables will be set up with appropriate physical distancing. We are working on a process to meet the guidelines. OUR LOUNGE FACILITY WILL REOPEN SATURDAY 6th JUNE. We ask all members to sanitze hands on entry and stay away if at all unwell.

Power Room and Green Room and Field Training

All players, coaches, managers, trainers, parents must sign in using ID.ME prior to session start. Please sanize hands, bring own water bottles, avoid spitting and use cough/sneeze etiquette.

All coaches/Managers will have a roster for who is on equipment cleaning at the end of sessions.

Changing rooms only to be used to store bags if required, please avoid using for changing/showering for now. Please maintain 1m physical space when in changing rooms.

Follow NZRugby return to rugby policies for training.


Stay away if at all unwell

Bill Brien Weights Gym

Please contact Matt Hartly if you are using gym outside of AXE.FIT sessions to adhere to cleaning policy.

Use either AXE.FIT contact tracing if in session time or ID.ME outside of these times.

This space will re-open Monday 25th May with our facilities.