Special Function

The International Rugby Club are holding a panel discussion in the WFC’s Isherwood Lounge on Friday starting around 12.00pm. Panelists at this stage are all guys that have played for the All Blacks. Prop John Schwalger and our own Murray Mexted will be starters as is Wellington Favourite David Holwell. There could well be a surprise guest appearance or two, you just never know who might turn up unexpectedly.

The Master of Ceremonies also needs no special introduction, it’s the esteemed President of the Wellington Football Club, Mr. Keith Quinn, Axemen Extraordinaire!

Doors open at 12.00pm for mix and mingle but if you arrive earlier the place will probably be open so you should be able to get a good start! Lunch should be about 12.30pm with the panel discussion expected to commence sometime around 1.30pm. Dessert follows the panel discussion and questions and answers, probably be something like 2.30pm. All in all it sounds like a good event. Tickets are still available – try booking at http://therugbyclub.co.nz/rugby-safari/legends-at-the-local or you could try Ra on 021-0298 3094. She will be able to give you bit more information than I have at my fingertips.

Parking might be a but random given the anticipated demand for the space so please follow the directions of parking assistants who are there to help best utilize the space available. 

It certainly looks a good reason to excuse yourself from work as well as a chance to get your initial pre-test buildup started.